3 Expert Tricks To Book Hotels Cheaper

Online hotel booking have evolved a lot in the past 10 years. Back in the 2000s we have been sending request via contact forms but today we can make instantly confirmed reservations on booking portals, hotel websites, with mobile apps or even on a smartwatch.

The technology behind hotel search and bookings is complex, often equipped with semi-intelligent tracking systems that are programmed to capitalize on specific user behavioral patterns. In plain English it means that booking portals, apps and tools are capable to accurately evaluate your purchase probability and even your how much you will most likely pay.

Since technology is never perfect, understanding the imperfections of these systems allow you to book hotels up 20% cheaper just with trying these simple tricks.

The below insider tips are from Daniel Diosi, owner of dCommerce Hotel Consulting.

1, Confuse cookies and algorithms

This trick can save you 10-20%

Without exceptions, hotel booking portals and website booking engines use cookies to track what you are doing, what price category you are checking and even more – such as the average value of your past and current searches. More often than not, discounts are based on these variables. If the booking engine sees you hesitating over hotels that are just slightly above your budget, at least how it evaluated based on your searches or previous reservations – the system might offer a small discount to seal the deal.

Confuse the booking engine by proceeding to payment pages but back off before you hit the book button. Do it a couple of times, leave the site and return for a few occasions and voi la, you will be presented with a new discount.

At the same time new users are often presented with better offers so why not clear your cookies and cache to benefit from it?

2, Look for pricing mistakes

This one can save up to 50%

Rate comparison sites such as Hotels Combined or Trivago are built to crawl and present all possible rates of all available rooms from hundreds of booking engines. This list of booking portals also include those where room rates and availability are updated by the particular hotels any more.

This gives savvy travelers an exceptional opportunity to find and book hidden gems often for 50% less than on major travel sites. It will well worth your time to run a search on any of these sites to find forgotten pricing mistakes or rates from last winter – often much cheaper than the actual rates on the website.

3, Go old-school and call on the phone

This can save you maximum 5-10%

The simplest of all but most probably it won`t give you too much discount. Just grab your phone, call the hotel and ask how much discount you get for booking over the phone. Like this they will not have to pay commissions for agents, neither for their technology nor online distribution solutions that make all the above mentioned available.
This trick will not save you more than 10% but in case the above tricks will not work out you can always give the good old phone a try.

Thanks for hotel e-commerce expert Daniel Diosi and his hotel e-commerce company dCommerce for introducing these cool tricks, we hope it will help you to save on your future bookings.

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