Advice When Travelling By Car With Your Dog

Dogs are normally eager and willing travel companions so it should come as no surprise to notice that so many people from all around the world want to travel with their loved pets. The problem is that you can never underestimate travelling with the dog. Based on where you go, you want to be sure that you plan appropriately and that you consider the advice below so the experience will be perfect.

Before Leaving On The Trip

Besides the fact that you want to be sure there is enough space available in the car for the dog (you can even opt for roof racks to get this done), you should be sure that you have all that is necessary so the dog remains healthy and happy. This includes the following must-haves:

  • Collar And ID Tag – When losing the dog somewhere else it is a traumatic experience. ID cards are always needed and you have to be sure the collar is sturdy enough.
  • Bowls, Water And Food – You should be sure that the supply is enough, just as much as the dog is used to at home. Always be extremely careful with the water and do not change what the pet is used to as that would create unwanted stress.
  • Baggies And Blankets – Bedding blankets should always be around as you never know when it will be a little cold. Also, waste disposal bags will be needed for rest stops and when you park.
  • Washcloths – Have some old ones around to wipe the dog if he gets dirty when taking a walk.

Restraints And Crates

There are dogs that love the driving experience but that is not always the case. Also, it is generally not a good idea to let your dog simply hang heads out of windows. Dogs that are really happy travelers should never be allowed to freely roam inside the car. This is dangerous for all people in the car. A crate is normally a really good idea. Be sure that you get the dog used to the crate though so that he is not put into too much stress while travelling.

Plan Frequent Stops

This is definitely one of the most important parts of the whole experience. What you should always do is plan some frequent stops to make the experience more enjoyable for the dog. Remember that humans are used to long drives but pets will not. The idea is to basically plan the stops just as you would if you were to travel with a child. Whenever you stop the dog should go out and walk a little. Just do not let the dog inside the car with the windows down, especially during hot weather.


As you can see, the main facts of interest are making the dog comfortable and safe when driving for a long time. It is something that you should always guarantee. Talk with your vet in order to be sure that the dog can travel for the distance you are interested in and never leave without planning everything.

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