Are You Up For An Exciting Climbing Expedition?

Just bring some enthusiasm, charm and thrill in your humdrum routine with thrilling intervals. Yes, give some time to yourself and explore the adventures of life. After all, your life demands some fun, excitement, thrill and enjoyment! Well, if you want to start with something, you can try out rock climbing. Yes, such an adventurous activity not just fills you with so much rejuvenation and thrill but also develops your trust and confidence.

Now, you must be thinking that you really want to try rock climbing but where would you get a place to do so in such an eventful city like Bangalore, right? Well, stop cribbing and begin to explore. Bangalore is not just an advanced city but it too possesses so many natural and adventurous destinations around it. It is possible to enjoy Rock climbing in Bangalore. Yes, you heard it right. Thereis plenty of amazing rock climbing sites around this city. Let us walk through some of them:


The rocky topographies of Ramanagara are very popular because it is the spot where the shooting of blockbuster movie ‘Sholay’ was shot. Since 1960s, enthusiastic rock climbers have been practicing craft. This site is amazing for climbing. The best thing about this destination is that it is located at a place less than fifty kilometres from Bangalore. So, the beauty of this place is that the people of Bangalore need not to take long leaves or holidays for their rock climbing expedition. They can experience the traveling thrill right on their weekends.

Why not go with a Gang?

In case you want have any idea about the rock climbing or adventurous sites near Bangalore then you can try out going on trips with teams. This way, they would organize your trip and take care of your needs too. From right path to proper timing, everything would be their headache. For example, you can try out the following upcoming trips:

A Narayanagiri trip is going to be organized on Saturday 27th May 2017. This trip has been planned out by Basecamp Adventures. Actually, this Narayanagiri is megalith near Bangalore. This peak is home to temple of LaxmiNarayana temple along with an exterior of glossy black granite. The whole hill is fortified and you can witness the remains of a wall of a fort almost enclosing the top of hill fully. It is lush green, extremely rocky and tranquil making it a perfect weekend getaway.

The entire view and ambience of this area is absolutely engaging and thrilling. It is needless to say that for the climbing and trekker’sbuffs, this spot is perfect and heavenly. And while you are on your expedition, you can visit the temple too. But please note that the temple is open on Saturdays only!


Thus whether you want to do trekking with your buddies, cherish rock climbing or carry out an adventurous trip, you can do it even in a day or two! So, start exploring the majestic and thrilling spots near Bangalore.


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