CLC World Travel Centre Review – Free Holiday Offers!

In order to fully review CLC travel centres, you have to know a bit about CLC World Resorts and Hotels and how they operate.

The nuts and bolts of CLC World is simple, they are a holiday resort developer and operator who has over 30 resorts under its belt and markets its resorts under a number of holiday options:

Holiday Home Ownership – this is where CLC World builds holiday homes for outright purchase. For those with a reasonable amount of money, this is a pretty good option for owning a holiday home abroad if you want a fully managed service, as well as in some cases, rental income when not using your CLC World property.

Fractional Property Ownership – which is a lower cost entry point into owning a share of a holiday home abroad, combined with a points based inventory allowing you to trade your fraction usage for other holiday resorts inventory should you wish to visit different resorts and countries. It’s like owning a piece of brick and mortar, but not being tied to the same home if that isn’t what you want.

They also run traditional timeshare based Vacation Clubs where their members use a number of points that allow them to pick a destination and location based on the number of points they have.

A Private Yacht Club for a select number of members who find the world of yachts the right holiday option for them and their families. They run two gorgeous Yachts seasonally and the Yacht club community is a buzzing one.

For the UK population that really want the traditional Marina type holidays, they also run there Canal Boat locations for that authentic UK holiday feel.

From time to time, when they have low member usage, or non-member properties on their resorts, they will also rent like a traditional resort, rooms on select dates. These are only available seasonally and on limited number of their resorts.

Review of CLC World Travel Centre

First things first, there are FOUR CLC World Travel Centres to choose from:

What are the CLC World Travel Centres

  • The West End in London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes

The West End Travel Centre is based in Conduit Street in the heart of London’s West End.

Birmingham is located in the city centre in the imperial House.

Manchester (a flagship centre) is close to the Trafford Centre on No1 Park Lane.

Milton Keynes is in the Regus building on Fairbourne Drive.

So how do the CLC travel Centres operate?

If you are reading this, it is most likely that you have:

  • Received a Call from CLC Travel Centre
  • Received a letter from CLC Travel Centre
  • Received an email from CLC travel Centre

Regardless of how they contacted you, you would have had a call offering you:

  • A free holiday
  • A promotional gift card
  • A CLC holiday discount code

The key here is that they want the opportunity to speak to you regarding their various holiday products discussed above. In order to do that in the best way possible, and to be compliant with the UK legal system, they would want to meet you face to face if they are offering you a free holiday.

Is it really a free holiday offer from CLC?

Yes it is. You only need to head to trip advisor to see loads of positive and negative reviews of people who have taken a free holiday from CLC Travel Centres. The key to remember is, yes, they will try and sell you something, but your free holiday isn’t dependent on you buying ANYTHING. Once you have been given the offer, they WILL honour it. However they will ask you to sit with one of their representatives to discuss their products – which is only fair in return – so that is the catch. Again, you are under no obligation to buy, you only have to honour their request to speak to them candidly.

Not everyone buys their products, but majority of those who do are happy, and majority of people who visit one of their promotional holiday resorts that fall under the CLC Travel Centres remit will agree that the free holiday is certainly worth the time to learn more about the brand.

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