Cruising Suggestion For Solo Tourist

Sailing/cruising on a ship is a wonderful experience. The cruiser comes across beautiful scenes of sea-life and also experiences a unique feeling of adventure while cruising. It becomes all the more enjoyable when you are cruising with a good companion. However, due to some unavoidable reasons, you may have to cruise alone. Still, you can make your journey through sea enjoyable by following some simple tips.

Themed cruise ship– When you know, you have to cruise alone, you must prefer to travel on a themed cruise ship. It is because such cruise ships offer multiple activities based on the theme of the cruise ship for the entertainment of travelers. As an instance, the cruise ship may be themed on some specific dance, music, art or even educational program. You may also take part in these activities actively and meet new people. This way you will be saved from getting bored while travelling alone on the cruise ship. Such activities keep travelers engaged during their trip on the ship. You won’t even realize how time flies by you while enjoying these activities.

Spend time in the piano bar– If you love music, then piano bar is the best place for you to try your hands at this wonderful instrument. You may try playing your favorite music pieces and even sing along at the piano. You may even listen to music played by others or songs sung by others in the piano room. It is a great place for those who love music.


Share your cabin- You may consider sharing your cabin with other people on the cruise ship who are also travelling alone. It is a great way to spend time in the company of others and also gives you a chance to know others well. Also you will be saved from paying the entire fee for the cabin alone as charges will be divided among you and your roommate. You may request for a room-mate at the time of booking or even post your requirement on the message-board on the cruise ship. Who knows you may get a room-mate who is completely   according to your expectations and is like-minded with you.

Dine with others– When you are travelling alone, you may even feel a lack of appetite. It is because there is no one with whom you can share your table. The best way is to join community dining where most travelers who are solo come together and enjoy their meals. You may even make new friends at the community dining table. It is always preferable to have dinner with others as sharing enhances the deliciousness of the meals automatically.

Prefer small cruise ship for solo travelling– When you have to travel alone, always prefer a small cruise ship. It is because you may come across same faces and friends on a small cruise ship daily. You may enjoy time with them as you come to know them well in short span of time due to lesser crowd on-board. Also it gives you some moments of rest and relaxation during your trip.

This way you can have a great solo journey!

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