Try working on cruise ships? There!

Good news for those who want to work on board the largest cruise ships. Thanks to the work done by the companies relational Studio Demar and Gemaf of Pozzallo, in the person of the Course Director Joseph Giurdanella, Carnival Cruise Line, a company of Carnival Corporation (pictured a ship with the colors of the company), has chosen for sessions recruitment of the city of Pozzallo. The talks will take place at the company’s headquarters Studio Demar, in Largo Sicilian Vespers 66, from July 29 to August 10.

The profiles sought are various: captains, aspirants and students of the Long Course, captains, aspirants and students of machine, electronic and electrotechnical experts, technical experts most other professions that affect the shipping company. The contract offered is a European level and is inclusive of pension contributions.

The company, which has 23 ships in assets, and two more under construction in the shipyards of Monfalcone, counts on average each year between 160 and 200 new entries. Among the most sought after figures there are those in uniform. Fundamental, but not mandatory, knowledge of the English language.

It is expected, according to some estimates made by the group Demar, arriving in Pozzallo, for these sessions, more than 500 people from all over the south of Italy. And many will be pozzallesi who have already asked for an appointment for interviews. Pozzallo is confirmed, in this way, city always most suited to the research staff for large ships.

In order to work as a board is necessary, however, to achieve the seaman’s book and subscribe to the labor office as seafarers. You will have to pass two tests of a physical and a popular swimming. Passed these tests will be given the provisional freshman and a sheet that will be replaced by the seaman’s book on the first pass.

The Carnival Cruise is an American company, founded in Miami in 1972 and today, thanks to a series of acquisitions of other companies such as Cunard, P & O and Princess is the largest cruise company in the world. He in fact a fleet of 23 ships, holds 31 per cent of the cruise market carrying three and a half million passengers a year.

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