Five Tips For A Safe Party Bus Experience

Hiring a party bus is a great way to spend a night celebrating a birthday, bachelor party, or job promotion with friends. Your group can stay together, and no one risks getting a drink driving violation, because they are driven from home to pub. Use these five tips to hire a party bus the next time you want to spend a night celebrating with friends.

Hire a Licensed Operator

When seeking a party bus for an evening out with your friends, make sure the operator is licensed. Otherwise, their vehicles may not meet legal requirements and thus may not be safe. In addition, the drivers they hire may not be licensed to drive a limo or party bus. The party bus company should be insured in case of accidents as well.

License Requirements

In New Jersey, the operator of a limousine or party company must have a criminal background check conducted before they can service clients. This requires their fingerprints to be taken and run through the criminal justice system. If company owners check out, they will be given a certification by the Motor Vehicle Commission to allow them to operate.

Limo and party bus drivers should have at least a CDL with passenger endorsement when you check their driver’s license. Ideally, they will have a MVC, which means they’ve had a background check done, including fingerprints, before they received their certification to drive a vehicle. MVC holders can be owners and operators of a limo or party bus service, as well as drivers.

Inspect Vehicles in Person

When you hire a vehicle from an operator online, take the time to go look at their fleet of vehicles in person. It will help you to see inside the vehicles to make sure there is plenty of room for your group. In addition, you can ask to see the inspection records and make sure they are not trying to rent old models in place of the shiny new ones on their website. You can get information about party buses at

Double Check for Safety

When the party bus arrives to pick up you and your friends, ask to see the driver’s license to ensure he or she is carrying the correct one. Also, ask the driver to tell you who they are there to pick up and the destination for the evening. Double checking their license and if they know who they are picking up will ensure your and the group’s safety, because it’s a way of checking that the driver actually works for the operator from whom you hired the vehicle.

Beware of Illegal Activities

Most party bus and limousine companies will have “all-in” packages providing music, decorations, and other perks when you hire their services. Beware when they promise things they cannot deliver, such as serving alcohol in the party bus to start your evening. It is illegal for the operator to serve or sell to passengers, so if they make that promise, hire a different operator.

Hiring a party bus can be a fun experience for you and your friends if these tips are followed.

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