Ko Lipe: A Jewel Among Jewels Of Thailand

We all dream of the spectacular and the unique, but sadly enough, we never get to experience these two at the same time. Riding off into the sunset, sampling the ocean and living the island life are just some of the things we want to do over the holidays. If you thought that this would never be possible, then it is time you had another thought, because we have one such destination for you: Ko Lipe. This surreal island is tucked away in the south of Andaman Sea and provides relaxation, adventure and charm in equal measure. As a vacation spot, Ko Lipe is not all fun and no scenery; it actually boasts of thousands of species of marine life for you to sample.

Down to the basics: accommodation

The two beaches in the region will provide you with a choice between the modest and the cozy. Pattaya beach is famous for its flair and comfort. The hotels are very luxurious and comfortable, with the rates being particularly steep. At the Sunrise beach, there is a range of alternatives that suit those who want to spend modestly. This part of Thailand fills up quickly, which is why you need to start looking for accommodation online. The best times to visit are from the middle of December to the end of February.

Frolicking around: the beaches

The Sunrise beach is your choice for outdoor fun. This avenue of fun stretches all over the east of the island. For those predisposed to winter sports, there is a lot to do. At Ko Usen and Ko Kra, snorkeling will be your favorite activity during the day. In fact, diving in Ko Lipe is one of the most fun activities around Thailand, especially if your family tags along to watch. It would particularly help to take time to enjoy the scenery. An enduring image will involve watching the sun setting against the beautiful coastline.


You have not yet had enough of Ko Lipe if you have not checked out the entertainment joints. The beer is great and the food is superb. The menu is simply incredible in its range of European cuisines. The place is one of the joints you should not pass up. This spot does not lack in its variety of clients, and you will simply fit in, regardless of your roots. Take time to look at the MellowMango Bar, where the most cordial citizens of Thai live. You will need to pinch yourself to ensure that you are seeing things, because the staff in this place care that much.

Well, well, well. Descriptions of places overwhelm us all. However, you had better get ready now, because Thailand can only wait for so long. You must not make the mistake of forgetting, because if this chance passes you up, then you might just come up short when telling your friends of your experiences. Act now and look for accommodation, because it is the single most important thing. Your wanderlust is calling. Do not let it down. Pack up your bags now. If you have family, get them ready to go.

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