Top 5 Places To Visit In Gujarat

Gujarat is the beautiful mosaic of colorful culture, age old traditions and an impeccable history. Along with being home to the ancient southernmost city of Harappa i.e. Lothal Gujarat is also home to the only population of Asiatic lions in India at Gir National Park. Being the hotbed of religion due to the opulent history of Somnath, Gujarat is also a hub for devotees and pilgrims where people from across the globe flock together to celebrate the spirituality. From expansive wide salt desert of Rann of Kutch to the lush greenery of the Saputara hills, Gujarat is an appealing and beautiful mingling of natural beauty and rich heritage. Every monument, structure and pillar in Gujarat has a story to tell which showcases what Gujarat truly is.

If you are planning on a visit to Gujarat, here are some of the places to visit you cannot miss out on:

Gir National Park (Junagadh)

The only abode of the world famous, rare Asiatic lions, Gir National park is a must visit spot in Gujarat. There are numerous species of mammals, plants, trees and birds present in this national park which ads pleasant dashes of colour to the otherwise dusty brown landscape. A jeep safari of the park will make you come in contact with some of the rare sights in India. The forest is made up of dry deciduous trees which make up for the majority part of the forest covering.

Expert advice – make sure to carry plenty of water, to keep yourself hydrated at all times and there won’t be any water available once you leave for safari. Keep yourself safe by also carrying caps and sunscreen.

Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest (Gandhinagar)

One of the most historical places in Gujarat, Polo monument is the 10th century ruins of the first human settlement in this area which had occurred during the age of Puranas. This settlement is present in the forest of Vijaynagar which is dotted with semi deciduous trees, mammals, birds among other medicinal plants and trees. The Polo temple and other ancient monuments were built back in 10th centuryand served the purpose of a hiding place for Rathores.

Expert advice – the jeep safari will only take you till the campsite located on the forest circumference. In case you are planning on exploring other parts of it, you will have to trek or hike further, which will require a good pair of boots, energy drink and be sure to wear appropriate clothing.

Vijay Vilas Palace (Mandvi)

One of the most striking and beautifully created architectural work of art, Vijay Vilas Palace was the 20th century beach palace for YuvrajshriVijayarajaji. Located close to the beach of Mandvi a part of the resort is now also converted into a luxury resort which offers a modern ethnic touch to the people staying here. The magnificent stone carvings, intricate in laid tile work and the manicured gardens makes this place one of the best tourist attractions for people visiting Gujarat.

Expert advice – make sure you plan your trip keeping in mind the best time to visit which is during and after the monsoon season. if you do happen to visit this place during the summer season, you can explore the region during morning time when the atmosphere is cool.

Sun temple (Modhera)

Dedicated to the sun god, Surya, and situated on the banks of River Pushpavati, this temple was built during between 1026-27 CE. The entire temple is divided into 3 parts, the shrine, assembly hall and a reservoir. The entire temple complex’s walls are carved with intricate designs representing fine craftsmanship and undeterred determination. The internal and exterior parts of the temple and even the pillars are adorned with attractive engravings.

Expert advice – you can reach this temple via a car or a bus from Ahmedabad. You can also plan your trip around the time when the Modhera dance festival is taking place, which is definitely a sight to behold.

Somnath Temple (Junagadh)

This temple is a crucial part of the charDham Yatra and is the primary Jyotirlinga among the 12. It is said that the Shivling in this temple is ‘Swayambhu’ or ‘self-born’, depicting that this eternal shrine appeared on its own and has withstood the test of time since this temple has a vicious, violent and a tumultuous past. Apart from its religious significance, the temple is also an architectural marvel with its extremely detailed carvings and intricate designs.

Expert advice – make sure to pay a visit to the nearby beach to relax and the museum located next to the temple, where you can take a look at some artifacts and pieces that date back to the 7th and 15th century.   


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