Top Destinations In South Island For Seniors

Hey there, South Island is waiting for you, no matter your age. It’s the ideal destination for seeing in a campervan hire New Zealand. We know that as senior, you want to find the best spots for having a good time as well as options that are ideal for your health and interests.

While South Island and New Zealand as whole does bring many thrill seekers, that doesn’t mean that you have to do some great adventure to have a good time. If you’re up to it, great, but if you can’t spend too much time in the great outdoors at a time, don’t worry. We know of some great things to do in the South Island.

Check out the following places that can be found in the South Island. As you’ll see, they are incredibly beautiful spots and we know that you’ll have an amazing time, no matter what. Seniors are going to love south island just as much as anywhere else will. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s hard to ignore the beauty found in this gorgeous location. Let us know what you think about these top destinations for seniors in the South Island:

  • Visit Marlborough and taste the wines. You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to play hard in New Zealand. You’ll find that the Marlborough region is a great place to do just that. As a top wine region in the country, Marlborough is an ideal spot for filling up on the good stuff. If you didn’t work hard all your life to enjoy laying back and enjoying tasty wines in your senior years, what did you work hard for?  
  • Visit Christchurch. Christchurch has been through a lot over the years but it’s the kind of city that has turned pain into beauty and you’ll see this when you visit. With several memorials and artistic monuments around the city in memory of earthquake victims and a welcoming vibe from the locals, Christchurch is a unique spot that you’ll want to visit if you really want to see the spirit of the Kiwis.
  • Enjoy some fresh air at Mt. Aspiring National Park. Mt. Aspiring National Park may be a very large national park-the third largest in the country-but that doesn’t meant hat you have to see it all. With river valleys and alpine lakes, it’s a gorgeous destination to visit and if you’re traveling in a RV, this could be a great area for visiting as you stay in a neighboring campsite.
  • Take some time to enjoy Queenstown. If you want to visit a favorite city in south island, go to Queenstown. While you may not be interested in going bungy jumping like a lot of people who visit the area, you will enjoy the lively and fun atmosphere of the city. From bars to restaurants, parks, and activities, there is plenty to see and do in the city.
  • Take a helicopter tour over Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. Depending on your health, hiking the Franz Josef Glacier or Fox Glacier may be a bit challenging for you as a senior but the good news is that you can still get your chance to see the beauty of these glaciers. There are plenty of helicopter tour companies that could give you the chance to see the majestic beauty of two of New Zealand’s most iconic destinations.
  • Go whale watching in Kaikoura. If you like marine life and want to appreciate the local wildlife in New Zealand, you’ll most certainly want to visit Kaikoura. Well-known for being a whale-watching destination, you’ll find that no matter the time of year, you’ll most likely get the opportunity to see anything from orcas to sperm whales, and sometimes even without ever leaving land.

In Conclusion

How can you choose an island when visiting New Zealand? If you only have time to visit one place during your visit to the country, South Island is a great start. From the lakes to the national parks, unique cities, fun experiences, and beauty, it isn’t a disappointing area to visit at all.

Are you traveling with seniors or are you a senior? Are you hoping to help plan a trip for your senior parents? Don’t worry. New Zealand has a great set up that makes it easy for seniors to have a good time without it being too much of a challenge.

While seniors may not be so interested in doing some of the activities that many young people enjoy, like skydiving or bungy jumping, South Island is so much more than that. If you’re looking for places to see in your campervan hire New Zealand, the above destinations are perfect to start with. If you have more time to spare, rest assured that you probably won’t run out of things to do.

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