Come And Experience Life With Karnataka

The country India is diverse in culture, taste and rich historical heritage. Each part of the country has something to look forward to and something more to explore. If you are a traveler the country has so much to offer that will keep on enchanting you. Each state in here has a diverse and rich culture which in turn is reflected in their land, language, customs and people. So there is the beautiful state of Karnataka. You must have definitely heard of the state in context of the IT companies making it bubbling with versatility.

The state of Karnataka is not just about being the top notch hub of Information Technology hub or the historical significance. There is much more to this state. It is the perfect conglomeration of wild, nature, heritage, adventure and beach. Thus, making your South India Tour more than perfect. Here in listed are some of the must visit places of the state:-

Lake Agastya Badami

Badami- If there is a place in the state which will give you a sneak peek of the rich historical significance of the place amidst stunning scenic beauty it is the capital of the Badami Chalukyas. There is a lake Agastya in here which portraits the most stunning picture set against the backdrop of sandstone hills. You must visit the famous cave temples in here as well. It is bound to leave a mark in your memory.

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park– If you are one of the wild enthusiast then you has to visit this national park. In fact even with a family travelling with children the Bandipur National Park is sure to add to the fun of your trip. So come on and witness the animals in their natural habitat. Come see the green side of the world with the national park. You would love to see the animals and learn more about each one of them.

Chikmagalur Coffee Plantation

Chikmagalur- There is no better place to witness the natural beauty embellished with coffee plantations. Imagine the aroma of coffee lingering the atmosphere and adding to the beauty of the place.  The green hills provide with the most stunning landscape. The lush mists, rambling hills and lakes all portray the most beautiful picture of nature.

Om Beach Karnataka

Gokarna- For all you beach lovers out there, there is so much to offer with the place like Gokarna. There are open beaches, coves, stunning sunsets, and enchanting sunrises. Each of the aspect of the place screams for sun, sand and surf. Then there is the Om beach which is an Om shaped shoreline. You will be bewitched with the freshness of the place. Then there are the rocky cliffs which further add to the beauty of the place.

Karnataka River Rafting

White Water Rafting- For all the adventure enthusiasts there is the white water rafting as well. The sparkling water is sure to provide you with an experience of a life time. And the natural scenery is simply awesome that you will enjoy your adventure tour.

So don’t you wait for a reason better then fun, just come and bathe in the sanctity, wilderness and natural beauty.


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