Questions To Ask When Buying A Bangkok Condo

If you are considering buying a luxury condo in Bangkok, here are four questions you need to ask in the process to assure you are getting the condo you want. Becoming part of the Sansiri family can give you special condo deals that can even extend to shopping. Consider becoming part of a club to receive the best discounts available. Here are the questions you should ask.

  1. What Size?

Make sure that you properly transfer the measurements into feet so that you have a good idea of the square footage of the condo. Make sure you do not just assume it will be big enough, but instead really consider what you would look for in a US home and do not compromise. Depending on how many members of your family will be sharing the space, it may be the right size, or it may be too small. If you are looking for a bigger condo, consider a condo that is a little farther of a walk from the metro or the beach, for example. That little extra walk may give you the ability to purchase a larger space. Sansiri offers a variety of sizes in a variety of locations to fit your needs.

  1. What Can You Afford?

Make sure that the price is in your range. While it is easy to look at a number and idealize it into fitting into your budget, make sure that the number matches with reality and will not become a burden to you. You want to be able to enjoy your luxury condo in Bangkok, not be constantly worried about how you will pay for it. If the price is too high, once again, consider living a little further from the metro. Closer homes tend to be smaller and more expensive because of the convenience they offer.

  1. Are Furnishings Included?

Oftentimes, a condo is shown with furniture in it because it makes a person more able to imagine themselves living there. However, imagine your current furniture in the apartment, or if you don’t want to transport your furniture overseas, figure out a rough estimate for the money you will need to spend to install furniture in the apartment. Make sure, if you want specific furniture in your apartment, that it will be possible to order and correctly install it. This should also be considered under the budget area. If you can afford the apartment but not the furnishing process, then you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.

  1. Where Is the Condo Located?

Consider the surroundings of your condo. They can affect you more than you realize when you begin viewing the inside of an apartment. If you are located on a busy street, you may have buses, trains, cars, and pedestrians passing at all times and making an extraordinary amount of noise. If many condos are located in one place, you may have noisy neighbors. People might be entering at any time of the night. Moving a short distance away from the metro can give you quieter surroundings. Your daily commute might be lengthened some, but you will be able to sleep better.

In conclusion, these four questions can give you better insight into which condos will fit your needs.  

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