Great Castles To Visit In England

Many of England’s oldest castles date back to the Norman invasion in 1066. In the centuries following the Norman invasion, England still continued to amass great castles for comfort and sophistication.

At the dawn of the 14th century, the castles of England did not only provide robust defensive features, but also featured some of the best-landscaped parks and gardens, luxurious living arrangements, and sophistication. The Renaissance Era also paved the way for the affluent to build castles of their own, where grand celebrations and extravagant feasts were often held.

English castles are a great representation of the country’s long history. Let’s take a look at some of the most magnificent castles in England. 

Windsor Castle

It comes as no surprise that the modern royal residence is one of the most popular castles to visit in all of England. This 900-year-old structure is the biggest and oldest inhabited castle in the world and serves as the official residence of Elizabeth II.

Windsor Castle is more than just a castle. Its grounds contain several homes, a large church, and 150 staff.

Bamburgh Castle

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Bamburgh Castle can be seen on the cliffs high above the coastline of Northumberland. It’s an awe-inspiring nine-acre structure situated on an elevated piece of land. It is also one of the biggest castles found in England.

Warwick Castle

Once home to William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle still has a working giant catapult. It has become a major attraction in the United Kingdom and often attracts families and both local and foreign tourists. In the past, this lavish castle was known for its jousting competitions and lavish parties. Among the famous people the Warwick Castle has guested include Winston Churchill, King Edward VII, and Edward the Prince of Wales.

Corfe Castle

What makes the Corfe Castle unique is its jagged contours and the recent discovery of Norman carvings, suggesting that the castle might have been one of the most important castles in England.

Corfe Castle was started by William the Conqueror in 1066 and was later improved by King John. It’s a structure that holds many stories of royalties, including the death of King Edward, who was murdered in 979 by his stepmother.

Leeds Castle

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Found in Maidstone, Kent, Leeds Castle is surrounded by a glorious moat, and also features a vast woodland and a maze. It is one of the most widely visited castles in England, and visitors can be seen feeding the swans.

Dover Castle

The Dover Castle is the oldest fort in England and played an important role in the country’s defense against invaders. Like the Corfe Castle, the Dover Castle was fortified by William the Conqueror in 1066. Years later, this iconic castle was improved by several kings including Henry II and Henry VIII.

Warkworth Castle

A feature of Warkworth Castle that has awed visitors from around the world is how it’s perfectly preserved. The protective ring of towered walls remains intact, as well as the cross-shaped keep at the castle’s center.

Warkworth Castle was once home to the Percy family, and was an important structure during Scotland and England’s long-running war. 

Skipton Castle

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Skipton Castle is among England’s well-preserved castles. At 900 years old, the castle’s dungeon and watchtower remain intact, and the fortification even remains solid despite the three-year siege during the Civil War. It’s a testament that the Skipton Castle will be around for years to come.

England has grown in popularity for its grand castles, but all these structures are not just a representation of the nation’s sophisticated upbringing, but also a record of its rich history. Checkout EnglandExplore for more English castles.

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