Holidays In The Baltics

If you’re looking to take on a trip in or around the Baltic area, then please read our guide below for more information.

The Baltic area consists of countries that have shorelines along the Baltic Sea, and they are:

  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Sweden

One of the best ways of travelling to see these countries is via a cruise.  There are many cruise providers who excel at providing a great service when it comes to visiting these countries, and you can find them all online.  

Being on a cruise will allow you to unwind and relax, whilst the crew do all of the hard work in getting you to the locations, and thus allowing you to prepare for an amazing trip to take in a variety of towns and cities across the many Baltic area nations.

Another method that could be enlightening for you is driving.  What is better than driving through country after country, being able to take in the amazing scenery you will encounter, and being able to immerse yourself in all of the different cultures from behind the wheel of your own vehicle?!

Obviously the Baltics have a lot of interesting places of note that you can visit, so below we have made a list of two or three interesting places for each country that you can try to cram in to your visit:

  • Denmark – The Original Legoland in Billund, The Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark to Sweden, and The Kronborg Castle
  • Estonia – The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn, Kadriorg Palace, Laheema National Park
  • Latvia – Rundale Palace and Museum, Old Town Riga, Ventspils
  • Finland – The National Museum of Finland, Temppeliauklo Church, Suomenlinna (which is a UNESCO – listed 18th century sea fortress)
  • Germany – Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Neuschwanstein Castle (which will be particularly enjoyed by those of you who like princess stories)
  • Lithuania – Museum of Genocide Victims, Hill of Crosses, Trakai Historical National Park
  • Poland – Main Square (Krakow), Auschwitz Concentration Camp, St. Marys Basilica
  • Russia – Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • Sweden – Stockholm Palace, ABBA: The Museum, Drottingholm Palace

There are a lot of places we haven’t mentioned which will be worth a visit if you have chance, so we would urge you to do some of your own research too as these countries are definitely worth investing your time in to get a good feel for their histories and traditions, and who knows, if you go in with your mind wide open, you may just pick things up the you never realised before.

For more general information regarding the Baltic area, please search online where you will come across a whole host of articles pertaining to it.  To help you along we thought we might put one here to help you out –

Hopefully our little guide has helped you towards a visit, and we would be happy to hear of any thoughts you have or experiences you have had in the Baltic region at any point.  After all, knowledge is power!

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