5 Of The World’s Most Stunning Superyachts

Superyachts are the playthings of the rich and famous. There’s nothing understated about a superyacht, they’re all about ostentatious displays of wealth, so size really does matter when it comes to superyachts.

Superyachts are usually only docked in the world’s most exclusive and expensive marina’s, which makes them a rare sight unless you’re a regular visitor to destinations like Monaco, Portofino or Capri. We teamed up with South East Yacht Surveys to bring you a glimpse of 5 of the world’s most stunning superyachts.

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Est cost: £82 million

Length: 79 metres

Owner: Steve Jobs (now owned by his estate)

Whilst certainly not the largest or the most expensive of yachts listed here, the looks of this yacht do set it apart from others, though whether you consider them ‘stunning’ will be down to personal taste. Some less than complimentary commentators have questioned if Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, could have had anything to do with the design of this yacht.

The project to build Venus began in 2007, though sadly, Jobs died in 2011, one year before Venus made her maiden voyage. The yacht was later impounded in Amsterdam after a dispute over unpaid bills to the designer. Jobs’ estate settled the outstanding bills and Venus was released back to them.

Unsurprisingly, for a yacht built for a Tech giant, Venus is said to be bristling with technology. Those with a keen eye, will notice the row of 7, Apple iMac computers which can be seen through the bridge windows.

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Est Cost: £450 million ($600 million)

Length: 180 metres

Owner: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Azzam is the superyacht that re-wrote the record books. Everything from her 1,000,000 litre fuel tank, 50 crew members, 180 metre length, 94,000 hp engines and staggering £450 million estimated cost surpasses everything that has gone before her.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that Azzam was commissioned and built by Lürssen Yachts for a member of the Saudi Royal family. Like many of the superyachts featured here, little is known about the interior décor, though it’s safe to assume that no expense has been spared on the creature comforts aboard such an amazing yacht as Azzam.


Est cost: £331million ($500 million)

Length: 162.5 metres

Owner: Roman Abramovic

Prior to the 2013 Launch of Azzam, Eclipse was the world record holder for the world’s largest superyacht. Eclipse is owned by Russian Oligarch, Roman Abramovic, who is also the owner of Chelsea Football Club.

Eclipse was returned to her building shipyard just five years after her 2010 launch for a major refit to the interior cabins. As with most superyachts, little is known about the furnishings of the interior, but it would be reasonable to assume that the 2015 refit will have brought them up to date with technology and luxury furnishings.

Eclipse has 24 guest cabins, two helicopter landing pads, a crew of 70 personnel and even has a mini submarine. Eclipse is widely rumored to be fitted with an “anti-paparazzi” laser system that can detect the electronic sensors used in digital cameras. The system reportedly sends a beam of bright light in the direction of the camera, rendering the image over-exposed and unusable.

3130332_orig.jpg (1024×512)

Superyacht A

Est Cost £240million ($323 million)

Length: 122 metres

Owner: Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko

Whilst the name ‘A’, might not be the most imaginative (derived from the first initials of the owners) the Looks of superyacht A do set her apart from many others. Whilst some appreciate her contemporary design others have remarked that A looks like the head and beak of a seagull.

Owned by Russian Oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, A has a huge 24,000 sq feet of interior space and has a master bedroom plus 6 guest suites. The guest suites can be joined together to make larger state rooms thanks to clever moveable walls.

Other luxury features aboard A include 3 swimming pools, a 30ft speed boat which docks into the side of her hull, a helicopter landing pad and a hangar. To top it all there is an onboard disco hall which is situated beneath one of the swimming pools – which has a glass bottom.


Est Cost: £260million ($350 million)

Length: 162 metres

Owner: His Highness Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum

Originally commissioned way back in 1996, Dubai took Blohm + Voss a full 10 years to design and build, though when you see Dubai, it could be said that good things come to those who wait.

Dubai has the largest crew quarters of any of the superyachts in our collection, perhaps this is because she is owned by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum the head of the Dubai royal family. She is capable of taking 115 crew with her to take care of the guests every need.

Apart from the almost standard features for a superyacht like a helicopter landing pad, Dubai is decorated with stunning mosaic tiles each of which has been hand made. The attention to detail on the interior tiles is also present in the walls of each of the swimming pools and hot tubs. To ascend and descend between decks guests use Dubai’s glass staircases.

Whilst a superyacht like those in our selection might not be a realistic addition to your Christmas list this year (or next), they’re worth celebrating as a feat of engineering, design and craftsmanship. Whilst it may take some time for features like those seen on these craft to filter down to more affordable yachts, it is true that innovation is driven from the top. We look forward to adding to our list of the world’s most stunning superyachts with the latest craft built in years to come.


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