How To Make Honeymoon More Romantic

The honeymoon would be your first attempt to woo your wife after marriage. First impression is the best impression and it is important to make that impression more romantic. There are a few tips that would help you to make your honeymoon more romantic.

  • Destination is the main element. There is nothing called as best honeymoon destination. Though a few places like Kerala Tour, Darjeeling and others are known as honeymoon tour capitals, it totally depends on what your spouse likes. Hill Station is best for those who love nature, coastal areas and islands are for water lovers, ultra modern cities for nightlife lovers and so on.  Kerala Houseboat
  • There are certain activities that are known to rekindle love. There is no exact science in how these activities induce romance. But, these cliché activities should be a main part of your honeymoon. Top activities are watching sunrise and sunset together, taking a stroll in early morning, lazy beach time and fine dining experience where you order food for each other.
  • Fine dining would mean a romantic evening later. A bottle of champagne, exotic food, a little dancing and a quiet ambience would do the magic.  Honeymoon Evening
  • Do not stick with romantic things alone. You would end up overdoing things and ruin the moment. Do some silly things like playing in beach, playing some silly games or childish activities that would pull your partner close to you.
  • Try some fantasies that you cannot do it at home or you had not done before. Try to dress up, do some role playing or follow your fantasies.
  • Honeymoon does not mean you need to spend time together always. Have some lone time. Spend some time in doing things that you love to do alone. This will make you appreciate your time together.
  • Couples spa or massage session is the most common activity in most people’s honeymoon itinerary.  Ayurveda Couple Massage
  • Always click pictures during your Honeymoon Tour. Try to have some silly pictures too. These pictures would remind you later about the wonderful time you had in the past.
  • Have some small surprises every now and then. These surprises would add personal touch to your honeymoon. It need not be a luxurious one. Simple surprises like ordering chocolates through room service, drawing a romantic bath with rose petals, recording secret messages and so on.
  • Have a private picnic in a place far away from all tourist activities. Spend time talking about your favourite items, your dreams and so on.
  • Have some adrenaline pumping actions like paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping and others. This adrenaline would help you a lot in other ways later.   Couples Paragliding
  • Share how you are feeling about your honeymoon with people in your social media. Share some decent pictures too. Your spouse would love when you are bragging about spending time with them. Make sure to keep it to a limit so that you would not annoy people around you.
  • Do not stick to an itinerary. Let it flow as it feels like. If you want to take an evening off; skip your plans and get some lone time. Do not flood your time with many activities. Take it easy and let time flow slow.

It would feel like you are on the top of the world. Remember that every single action you do in this vacation would be remembered for very long. Try to do something quirky, silly, and romantic and with a personal touch. Honeymoon need not be a luxurious one. It need not be in an exotic place. It is all about how you express how you feel and your feelings for one another.

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