Planning A Trip To The Jim Corbett National Park

Do you want to go on a wildlife safari that you want to remember for the rest of your lives? Then you should head out to the Jim Corbett National Park.

The Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest in the country, which was established in 1936 and was originally called the Hailey National Park. It was mainly built in order to provide a safe home for the Royal Bengal Tigers, which are fast depleting in number. So, if you want to enjoy a wildlife safari that grants you a view of this majestic animal, then you better start packing your bags and booking your tickets to head out to Jim Corbett National Park.

Planning your trip to the national park

Okay, so you need to plan out a few things before you head out to the Jim Corbett National Park.

First and foremost, there is no point in going to the park if you cannot enjoy a nice jungle safari. So, make sure that you visit this area during the right season. The Park is divided into a few tourist zones, two of which remain open throughout the year, but the Dhikala Zone, which is believed to be the most important zone of the Park remains open only between November and June. So, you should plan your trip in such a way so that it falls within this time frame. Avoid the monsoons since the roads are in a bad shape during this time of the year and travelling becomes a difficulty.

The next point that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have permission from the forest department if you want to enjoy a jungle safari. So make sure that you get this permit and do not forget to bring that along on the day of your safari.

The third most important point is that you need to book your safari trips at least 30 days beforehand. Suppose you wish to go on a wildlife safari through the Dhikala zone on the 1st of December, then you will have to get your bookings done by the 1st of November. You have to make sure that you get your bookings done fast so that you can enjoy the safari of your choice. The safaris are divided into time slots, and hence, if one slot gets filled up you will have to wait your turn for the next day! For those who will be coming from outside of India, they can make their bookings 90 days before their trip to the Jim Corbett National Park.

For your hotel bookings and stay here, you can always opt for the Corbett national park tour packages. They provide with a comprehensive plan for your trip here. You can also plan your trip own your own. Whatever you do, make sure that your book your accommodation, immediately after you fix the date of your safari.

If you are indeed planning to visit the Jim Corbett National Park, then you have to make a lot of arrangements beforehand. So, plan out your trip and make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible!

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