In Trento public housing tip on wood

E ‘was signed in Trento the Memorandum of Understanding between Itea Spa and Arca, through which the Institute of South Tyrolean public housing will refer to Noah as a technical partner in the construction of new housing in wood. The agreement between the two companies Trentino, with the involvement of the Trentino Technology District, marks a step forward in our efforts to Itea from 2007, when it was entered into the “Plan extraordinary public housing” which introduced for the first time, part of the implementation of 3,000 new housing units, the reserve of 10% of them to be built with the use of wood. To date, notify the Autonomous Province of Trento, are 113 housing Itea wooden completed or under construction: there are, among others, 23 accommodation in Serravalle di Ala delivered in the past months and 23 accommodation inĀ  of the Moon being finalized.

The first dwellings that will be subject to certification are potentially Ark 61 and are distributed between the municipalities of Gardolo, Cimon, Dro, Moena and Vigo di Fassa. For the next few interventions that will affect the new wooden cabins, Itea can therefore use Ark as competent technical partner for the certification of its buildings. In the next few calls with the criterion of ‘”most economically advantageous tender”, the certification Ark will be winning elements in the evaluation of the technical bids.

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