Indian Railways Ticket Booking: 10 Things To Know About Reservation Charges

The best way to book a ticket is using the IRCTC Next Generation Website. It eliminates the need of standing in long queues to get the booking done. As you know, the fare of the train varies with the class of travel and the quota that you book the ticket in. For some of the tickets, the dynamic pricing is also applicable. On a ticket, there are a different type of charges which includes reservation charges, superfast charges, Taxes and even Catering Charges. All these charges are applicable on the base fare.

Today, in this article, we are going to list some of the interesting facts about Reservation Charges that you might have not been aware of. So, go through the facts and share it with others as well.

10 Things to Know About Reservation Charges

  • Lean SeasonThis might not be clear on IRCTC Portal but the fact is that fare differs by the seasons. There are two seasons which are peak seasons and lean season. The lean season falls between 1 February to 31 March & 1 August to 31 August.
  • Children Below 5 Years– There is no reservation fee for the children that are aged below 5 years. They can travel free of cost.
  • Children (5 to 12 Years)– If your child is between 5 and 12 years of age when you go for IRCTC Login, you would notice that the child ticket has been eliminated from IRCTC Next Generation Website. In such a case, you basically need to book an adult ticket for the child so that a berth can be allocated to the child.
  • Point to Point Journey– If you intend to travel of Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Duronto or by Rajdhani then you must know that the point to point fare or the intermediate to intermediate fare is decided by Zonal Railways
  • Peak Season– We discussed the lean season above but do you know that the peak season starts from 1 April to 31 July & 1 September to 31 January. There is no concession in the lean season on popular AC trains.
  • Monthly Passes and Quarterly Pass– If you have to travel daily then you may better opt for a quarterly pass as the fee for the quarterly pass is 2.7 times the fee of a monthly pass.
  • Free Food for Children– Since the travel for the children below 5 years is free of charge, you also get food free of cost for children below 5 years.
  • Season Ticket– In case you are trying to book a season ticket of a journey over 150 Km then you need to know that the ticket will only be booked if this provision existed before April 1951.
  • Free Bed-Roll– IRCTC Next Gen also offers a free bedroll to passengers travelling in AC First Class, AC 2 tier and AC 3 Tier. Garib Rath is an exception to this rule.
  • Paying Extra for Bed Roll– You need to pay extra for the bedroll if you are travelling in Sleeper Class and this can also be booked via IRCTC Next Generation website with help of your IRCTC Login.

This was all about the reservation charges. If you need any clarification about any of the points above then you can refer to the IRCTC Next Gen Website

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