The Building Of A Tourist Destination In Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a holiday destination unlike any other. This beachfront destination is located in central Thailand, along the stunning Gulf of Thailand. While it is located directly on the sea, Pattaya is still less than a two-hour drive from central Bangkok, making it an extremely accessible destination.

When it comes to coastal or beachfront destinations, there are few that feature Pattaya’s beauty, sandy beaches, and the same amount of attractions, activities, and nightlife. Pattaya truly offers something for everyone. Whether traveling solo, with the family, as part of a bachelor party, or with a significant other, it is possible for anyone to create the perfect trip to Pattaya. Perhaps this is why there is an unexpected mix of people who all choose to visit Pattaya each year.

Humble Beginnings for the Fishing Village

This was a time when Pattaya was a sleepy fishing village on Thailand’s eastern coastline, and that time was in 1960. However, Pattaya’s proximity to Bangkok and its gorgeous beaches made it a holiday hotspot during the 1970’s. Its popularity with expats and travelers continues today, and each year nearly seven million visitors make the trip to Pattaya. These gigantic tourism numbers are unlikely to fade anytime soon.

Why Visitors Choose Pattaya

For some, this beach town represents the perfect place to escape the congestion and chaos of Bangkok for a weekend. For others, Pattaya is an indulgence in the hedonistic and wild nightlife of Thailand. Alternatively, Pattaya also allows for endless days spent lying on a beach chair with your eyes closed. Regardless of the reasons why people come, Pattaya is sure to deliver an incredible and unforgettable experience no matter what you happen to be seeking.

By day, Pattaya offers relaxation on beaches, such as Jomtien, and short trips to the island of Ko Phai. There is no better way to find your inner sanctuary than with time spent on these sands. By night, the busy walking street in central Pattaya comes to life. Devoid of traffic and even motorbikes, the walking street is filled with restaurants, bars, locals, and expats all enjoying the warm evenings along the coast.

The Choice Not to Leave

A visit to Pattaya’s beautiful turquoise waters and lively beachfront clubs could spark the desire to stay longer than just the weekend. Once discovered, many international visitors find it difficult to relinquish the salty air and warm Thai Gulf waters. So many decide to stay indefinitely. Luckily, it is possible to buy a condo in Pattaya, so you can have paradise at your doorstep every day of the year.

Even those visitors who cannot imagine uprooting their lives for a far off destination such as Thailand, there is a constant desire to return to Pattaya. Therefore, this once-in-a-lifetime trip eventually becomes a routine holiday getaway. Next, it becomes an annual flight to Bangkok and a short drive to the coast. And finally, it grows into renting the same apartment or bungalow for the same week each year.

If and when the buying or rental scenario becomes a reality, it is essential to have some insider information into Pattaya’s properties. As described above, Pattaya represents many different things to many different people, and an agent or company familiar with the market will be able to discuss which properties fit your specific wants, needs, and expectations of Pattaya.

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