Top 3 Things You Should Know When Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit all year round. You have lots of touristic objectives, the locals are friendly people, and the traditional food is amazing.

Here are three important things that you should be aware of before visiting Barcelona.

  1. Taxi

The tariffs for Barcelona airport taxi services vary depending on the days of the week and the official holidays. For example, the start price in workdays is 2.10€ and 2.30€ during weekends and holidays. The price per kilometer is 1.10€ during weekdays and 1.40€ during holidays and weekends. There is a fixed rate of 39€ for the trip between the airport and the cruise terminals. The fee for airport and cruise terminals is 3.10€ and you will have to pay 1€ for each luggage larger than 55X35X35.

The city has more than 10,500 taxis, and although most drivers are honest, you should ask for a receipt if you feel that you have been overcharged. This way you will be able to place a complaint if you feel that he was dishonest. The best thing to do is ask for a receipt before he starts the meter. He is required by law to give you the receipt on arriving at the destination.  

  1. When to visit Barcelona

The climate in Barcelona is Mediterranean, which means it has dry summers, with very little rainfall in the spring and summer. Winters are mild, with some rainfall. Barcelona can be visited in any month, because it is nice all year round, but if you plan to sunbathe and swim you should go between May and September. If you want to avoid the summer crowds of tourists than you should go in spring or autumn. Still, you should expect to see lots of tourists during the weekends all year round.

  1. Safety in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the safest cities in the world. You can walk the streets both during the day and the night without any problem. The only part of the city that can be a little dangerous during the night or in the early morning hours is the Raval area in the old city. In general, this town is very safe and violent crimes are very rare. Still, keep an eye open for bag thieves and pickpockets, especially in the crowded touristic areas. Make sure you keep all your valuable item in a pocket inside your coat.

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