What To Look For When Choosing A Hotel


For most people, the location of their accommodation is key. With the popularity of the city break for both business and pleasure, short term accommodation in the right area can make a big difference to the quality of the stay. For tourist attractions and shopping opportunities it is useful to be close to the centre and within easy reach of the destination’s facilities. For others, it is more important to be close to transport links; other business travellers might prioritise proximity to corporate locations.


Each traveller has their own preference for facilities in their accommodation, but it is important to ensure your hotel will meet your personal needs. Some visitors prioritise on-site laundry facilities, including irons and ironing boards, whilst others are more interested in the provisions for entertainment. Most hotels now offer Wi-Fi internet access, either in all guest bedrooms or in centralised lounge areas. Good quality hotels have in-room safes for storing valuable items, complimentary miniature toiletries in bathrooms and en-suite bathing facilities. Business guests need workspace, such as desk areas in their rooms and sufficient electrical sockets.


For many, the quality of the onsite catering will be an indication of the overall standards. Although not every guest will choose to dine in the restaurant area, breakfast will be enjoyed by most. It is important to ascertain which kinds of breakfast items are served and whether any special dietary requirements can be accepted. Some hotel restaurants offer discounts to guests staying in the accommodation, others have special offers and rates or promotional pricing. The best hotel restaurants are experiences in their own rights, booked by travellers and local people alike who appreciate the quality of the food and come to dine.

Value For Money

When looking for accommodation, one factor to consider will always be the price. The variety of hotels available in most cities mean there are options at every price point, but consider the facilities available within the cost. Rates are competitive, which means decisions can be made due to other factors – like appearance, style and atmosphere. When finding hotels in Manchester city centre, for example, visitors can choose stunning modern architectural buildings in which to stay, offering the chance to spend a break in unique surroundings in the heart of a bustling city. Be sure to check the facilities available in each hotel before committing to a booking.


One of the best tools available to inform the decision making process is the prevalence and ease of access to online reviews. There are numerous websites available which allow guests to leave reviews concerning their stay and the service received. Hotels which are proud of their reviews often link to them from their own website, making it as easy as possible for prospective clients to see the feedback left by other visitors. Although every traveller is looking for a hotel to meet their specific needs during their stay, certain aspects are universal: cleanliness, courtesy of staff and customer service rating highly and a central feature of most people’s reviews.

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